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TikMox Toe Socks 3Colors Ankle Running Socks (3Pairs)

TikMox Toe Socks 3Colors Ankle Running Socks (3Pairs)

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    Breathable TikMox Foot Alignment Socks

    For better care about your foot health, we decided to make it as breathable as possible. CoolMax Technology can help us to make it easier. This kind of material can absorb sweat and evaporate it rapidly. With these special socks, you don't need to worry about the terrible smell that makes you embarrassed when you take off your shoes. Just enjoy the party with your friends!

    Why Do You Need A Pair of Toe Socks?

    Blister Prevent Toe Socks

    4 Reasons of Why You Need These Five Toe Socks


    • Prevent Blisters: Socks with toes are like gloves for your feet. With each toe separated, skin-on-skin friction is completely eliminated and prevents the formation of blisters. These athletic toe socks dissipate heat and moisture rapidly.
    • Boosts Blood Circulation: These finger socks have Better Elasticity Blood will circulate optimally without any restrictions. This prevents numbness of feet and enhances comfort.
    • Provides Proper Balance: When your toes are separated and spread out comfortably, your feet can evenly bear the weight of your body, thus keeping your whole body in balance during exercise.
    • Enhances Flexibility: This allows you to find the perfect balance for good body posture. Support increased activity due to enhanced toe freedom.


    Thickened Short Toe Socks for Outdoor Activities

    fun toes toe socks

    Cushioned Ankle Toe Socks for Men and Women

    As we know the sole heel and toe parts will be abraded more easily. To prevent this situation, we chose the thickened loop fabric to be the base of the socks. The features of these socks are soft, wearable, and sweat-absorbable. The cushioned bottom can reduce the shake when you do the sport, and keep your ankle far away from the injury.

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